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aj kalinowski

As a true desert dweller, I have called Arizona home for my entire life. I love being outside and exploring natural landscapes because it allows me to escape all the “noise” of everyday life. The powerful, graceful, and awesome landscapes of this planet humble me and remind me of my connection to nature. My hope for my photography is to inspire others to think about their relationship with nature and responsibility to care for the planet we inhabit.

With that, my goal is to travel far and wide to the most wild and remote places on Earth. I want to be a force in the community that keeps the adventurous spirit of humanity alive by putting myself in places that most people would not. Discoveries are still waiting to be made out there whether it be a personal discovery or something that affects all of humanity. I hope that the adventure in me can live on through my photographs and stories and that I can spark a passion in others to carry on the adventurist and activist spirit.