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Mining & Material:

Drawing inspiration from David Maisel and Edward Burtynsky as well as a passion for protecting our precious land, this project is a tour of textural abstractions created through industrial processes. The reality of the matter is that we are taxing our land for resources at a rate far beyond its capabilities. As a result of the variety of processes used to extract and manipulate resources, many toxic chemicals and hazardous materials are unintentionally spread across our lands.

Although abstract and beautiful, these images were made to create more than visual interest. They are meant to develop an awareness and consciousness regarding the use of our land and resources. We must decide as humankind to become more efficient and sustainable with our use of resources. In order to protect the land that we so desperately depend on, change is imperative.


ongoing project

Disclaimer: I am not commenting on or criticizing the procedural or operational integrity of the landfill operations that I photograph.

The primary focus of my work is capturing the natural beauty existing all around us. Promise to Our Planet challenges this predominant theme by taking me to places where the land around us is at the expense of our habits. Landfills are a reflection of the wasteful habits prevalent in modern cultures. It’s not the trucks, the tractors, the cities or governments that create them – it is us. It’s our habits, attitudes, and behaviors towards the byproducts of our consumption that make these facilities “necessary.”

These photographs are meant to create contemplation and conversation. Drawing viewers in with scale, detail, and abstraction connects them to the final resting place of their already forgotten waste. We rely on this planet to sustain life and so it is our duty to take care of it. For me, these photographs insinuate disregard for our land and instigate change from within.


Two photos selected by juror Olivia Lahs-Gonzales to appear in the 2019 Endangered Exhibit at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild from August 9 - September 7.

One photo selected by juror Buzzy Sullivan to appear in the 2019 Emerge Exhibit at the Art Intersection Gallery from May 8 - June 1.